Where there are People, there is Trash, and there will be Energy. Turn your city into a cleaner environment, free of landfills, free of pollution, and free significant landfill management costs. Our technology produces energy from waste with zero pollution to the air, the water, and the ground.

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Our wind power systems produce sustainable energy year-round, day and night, with zero pollution,  burden to our planet, and helps local economies. Depending on local climate, wind farms may be the most efficient and practical solution to energy needs.

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Algae is a miracle biomass. The patented technology, and process together form a sustainable solution, which produces electricity as byproduct, bio-fuel, jet-fuel, Nutraceuticals, bio-chemicals, bio-plastic, animal feed, crop fertilizer and more.

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We provide solutions to create clean water for growing communities & cities worldwide. Using patented technology, our systems can use water from any source including seas, lakes, wells, and sewage, and convert it into fresh water.

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Designing and implement systems to meet energy goals. We have created a unique and sustainable solution to create reliable energy more efficiently. All our solar farms are custom designed to give the maximum sustainable output, while remaining mostly autonomous.

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The term Eco-Integration defines a process to apply various technologies to solve energy problems. We integrate systems and technologies designed by our team of scientists and engineers, with the most advanced technologies available to deliver more reliable and efficient systems.

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"World Eco Energy International"


We are an environmentally friendly renewable energy company offering a broad portfolio of technologies, products, and solutions to our clients globally. World Eco Energy International offers an end-to-end solution for the cities of tomorrow.

WEEI is committed to excellence in providing sustainable, intelligent, efficient state of the art technology. Each project is customized to be economically viable solution, which takes into account current and projected local needs.


Commercial, Utilities & Government Projects.


Most cities  lack the  expertise required to launch successful large scale energy projects. They also do not have the know-how to efficiently and responsibly dispose of municipal waste. World Eco Energy has initiated several projects in “Renewable Energy”, “Waste to Energy”, “Algae to Energy”, “Solar Energy,” and other environmental undertakings for various countries worldwide. 

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Clean and Sustainable Energy, Biofuel and Water for our planet.

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