Delivering Environmental Solutions

WEEI  is committed to bringing sustainable and renewable energy to the four corners of the world. Each project is unique and requires a unique solution which integrates different state of the art technologies. WEEI has initiated several projects including:  Renewable Energy, Waste to Energy, Algae to Energy, Solar Energy, and more in various countries around the world.

WEEI is entirely committed to the success of each project; we apply the same level of high standards everywhere. Working in full compliance with the local governments,  WEEI designs and develops customized solutions for each project accordingly to the local needs, and their future growth. WEEI also invests in each project, sharing the risk and opportunity with local partners.

WEEI has four business groups to serve commercial and governmental projects worldwide.

  • WEEI North and South America
  • WEEI Energy Europe and Africa
  • WEEI Central, South and West Asia 
  • WEEI Energy All East Asia

  • Standards and Ethics

    The World Eco Energy Board of Directors believes in being committed to local partners. WEEI adopts policies and procedures to ensure an effective management of our company, international subsidiaries, and business units. These policies are embodied in our corporate guidelines, which, along with the charters of the board of directors, and the company Bylaws provide the framework for the oversight of our business, operations, subsidiaries, and international projects. The board of directors conducts periodic reviews of our policies, documents and updates, if necessary, the appropriate groups and countries.Our company's moral nature is rooted into seven values:

    • Environment
    • Sustainability
    • Cooperation
    • Humanity
    • Social responsibility
    • Honesty
    • Trust

    Advisory board for WORLD ECO ENERGY International


    Javad K. Mehrvijeh

    CEO & Founder

    John Celms

    SeaJle Silicon, former Kleiner, Perkins Co.

    Pete Lammers

    Ph.D., New Mexico State, NAABB co-leadt

    Shulin Chen

    Ph.D., Washington State University

    Nitin Baliga

    Ph.D., Ins;tute for Systems Biology


    Jim Elliott

    Former General Atomics renewables manager

    Chris Porter

    Ph.D., SeaJle Biomedical Ins;tute, 22 patents

    Some of our team members:
    Experienced scientists, engineers, managers



    Dan Hand, ME/PE, USMA, ex-Chevron, geothermal startup


    Ben Frankamp, Ph.D., Chem, U of Massachusetts; ex-Sandia, Bend Polymer, Portland State University.


    Steve Verhey, Ph.D. Plant Physiology, OSU; Boardman PM, Central Washington Biodiesel, Evergreen State University


    Chris Haussmann, ChemE/PE; Water Systems Specialists, ex-GE, Electric Power Research Institute



    Dale Gluck, ABC, ex-Hill & Knowlton, Security Pacific Bank


    George Richmond, ME/PE, WSU, Richmond Systems