Patented Algae Biomass Culture 

Algae hold a significant part of the future of Energy for both developed and developing countries. Algae culture does not require the use of land that is fertile or necessary to grow crops.

The WEEI advanced solution for Algae Biomass culture is a the most advanced to date using a very clean and efficient process which generates several by-products including bio-fuel, jet-fuel, Nutraceuticals, Omega3, bio-chemicals, plastic, animal feed, crop fertilizer and dozens of sought after products. 

Using medium voltage photo bio-reactor pods, in a custom super grid layout, we are able to use water to grow algae in a closed loop process to produce quality Algae. Below is a list of a few end products created from our algae production: 

  • Algae Biomass produced
  • Bio-Fuel, Bio-Diesel, Gasoline
  • Jet fuel, Ethanol, Hydrogen and more
  • Omega 3, Medical, nutritional, cosmetic products and more
  • Quality food for Fish farm, Chicken farm, Animal farm (Organic).
  • Human nutrients and food
  • High quality Fertilizer for agricultural organic farming
  • Bio degradable material such as plastic and other byproducts